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So I am using fleece for her cage and I attempted to litter train her for a couple of days to realize that shes probably too young to understand. (Ive litter trained several other animals). I was wondering if she was allergic to the litter because she likes to roll in it, Ive taken it out. Its cat litter. I had to change her diet since I can't find where the breeder got her food. It is also dry cat food. I will check on her when I get off work. This morning I noticed she didnt poop anywhere unless it's in her little cubby ( didnt have time to check). She didn't eat much or drink much but i'm thinking she was just really tired from me treating her. Will update.
Those were spots on her privates, spot on nose and ear, around the quills and a couple in the quills. Breeder suggested Dial soap for baths and having her walk in Betadine.
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