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Default Re: Thinking about getting a hedgie? read this!

I think this is a really great post, Gocoa. I'm getting my first hedgehog in 2 weeks and even though I've done TONS of research over the past few months, it's true that I probably won't have any idea what I am getting myself into until I bring the little guy home. Hedgehogs are a huge responsibility. Their care is definitely more difficult than the care of a hamster for example. It seems like a lot of people go into hedgehog care assuming that their pet will be immediately friendly, cuddly, and will crave their attention. From what I've read on these forums, hedgies like that aren't very common.

It's good that even though owning a hedgehog turned out differently than you expected, you haven't given up on it. The current owner of the hedgehog I am adopting is a young girl who seems to have underestimated how much work a hedgehog is. She has a bunch of other pets, and in our emails she keeps mentioning that she didn't know hedgehogs needed so much attention. I've seen tons of ads on websites like Craigslist where people have jumped into buying a hedgehog too quickly and don't want the animal anymore because it isn't what they expected. So I am glad to hear that you are still up for the challenge of being a hedgie owner despite all of that. It's good that you recognize that you may have jumped into things too quickly, but that you love Iago and aren't going to give him up.

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