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Default tumours and late life

Hey everyone, i have been viewing thispage for years but this is my first time signing up and posting.

My hedgie Audrey is gettting old no, she is old, pushing 8.

she was healthy and huffy without so much as a sniffle till about 3 months ago when she pulled her eye half out and we took her in to get it removed around this time i also noticed her belly getting a bit lumpy but the vet didnt seem to think it was an issue now she has tumours that have come on so rapidly and are big lumps on her tummy to the point she cant really walk and now on on her face under her empty eye socket.

i worry about her quality of life she eats less but is still pooping and eating and drinking water but its getting hard for her to get around she now sleeps on her side with her legs out and everytime i go check on her i worry shes past but after shes up for a bit she wants to adventure and sniff but cant get around barely.

does anyone have any advice or anything about just letting her finish her life or making that decision or... i dont even know what to ask here


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