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Exclamation Just started syringe feeding... do I need to see a vet?

Hi everyone. My guy hasn't really been eating for the past 3 days, consistently less than 10 pieces of kibble. He is losing quills and has dry skin, I think he's started quilling (he's 10 weeks old) however I can't really tell if he's growing new quills or not. He has dry skin and is extra grumpy.

I just did one syringe session (chicken and vegetable baby food, pumpkin baby food, and some pedialyte to mix it together). He seemed to like it, however it was very messy and I couldn't get him to eat the 4ml before he started squirming around too much and I let him go back to his cage to sleep. He eats mealworms fine and will eat some kibble if I put it in his sack when he's out in the evening with me.

Is it time to take him to the vet? I don't know if hes just quilling or theres some underlying cause to his quill loss and dry skin, and lack of appetite. He has also figured out how to use wheel and runs like crazy all night.
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