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I have a huge 2 person size jet tub....not easy to reach around unless you get in lol. What I did was purchase a wash tub which at the time I figured would work perfect (HAHAHA) It didn't because I set it on the table and quickly realized squirmy wormy could fall off so we sat on the floor. After the first sorta not well thought out try I now do this:

Put warmish water in 2 wash bins and a large pourable jug that I set in the humungo bath tub. Get my towels, nail clippers, plastic cup, Aveeno, tooth brush and a baby brush (I found this is so very soft and reaches the skin better) all gear together. I mix the Aveeno creamy oatmeal wash stuff enough for just one bath in a small spray bottle with a little water (It's kind of thick so this works great I just have it on small spray area not a mist or a stream ) and it gets right to her skin this way instead on lumping the Aveeno on her quills. I put a tad of organic flax oil in yet another small spray bottle and mix it with a bit of warm water too ( again works really well to get it well spread on the skin) I also put an upside down small glass pan in the water with a face cloth on it so she can stand on it island like if she wants (it also makes it easier for me to TRY to get at her wee nails lol)

All gear ready and within reach... I get Hazel....and put her in bin 1.

I grab the plastic cup to get her wet.... then put Hazel back in bin

Try to hold squirmy Hazel and retrieve plastic dropped cup

Put Hazel back in bin

Get Hazel wet then reach for the Aveeno sprayer. Put Hazel back in bin.

While blocking her wee head from any spray get the Aveeno on.

Reach for the brushes then put Hazel back in bin

Give her a soft and gentle wash with the brushes being careful not to get any near her wee head or ears.

Try to grab the plastic cup and miss...reach for it...then put Hazel back in the bin.

Rinse the Aveeno off by scooping water from the clean water in jug

Transfer squirmy to the 2nd bin of clean water.

Reach for the sprayer with the flax oil then put Hazel back in the bin

Shake the sprayer to mix oil with water and then again being careful not to get her head spray flax oil to reach her skin.

Reach again for the plastic cup rollinng around the bottom of the tub then put Hazel back in bin

Rinse Hazel off really well with water from the clean jug while fighting off the urge to dump it on her head for messing around so much

Have a quick look at her nails and decide I had enough for one day lol

Dry little monster off as much as possible then transfer to a snuggle bag where she can sit on your lap getting dry while you giggle about her antics

For foot baths I just put a bit of water in a large rubbermaid bin that she can't escape from and let her do laps a few minutes

I would not even dream of trying to bath Hazel in a sink at this time lol
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