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Since she is still small and young a sink should be fine wrong warm water and test it with your wrist (as its more temp sensitive then your hand) and make sure its warm but not hot and fill up the sink so your hedgehog can safely for the most part plant their feet on the ground for the bath and their nose and ears can remain above the water.

A soft Toothbrush will take care of anything that doesn't come off while they normally try to escape the sink.

The important factors is not to cold and not to hot and avoid water to face area especially eyes and ears. I usually use my hand as a shield and use a cup to pour the water over my girls back carefully.

You can apply some flax seed oil to their backs when you rinse them off.

I try to remember to throw a towel in the dry right before bath time so its nice and warm for them and then give them a meal worm or two for putting up with the bath
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