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Why do you want to breed him? Unless you have a good reason that isn't "because he wants to", then you probably shouldn't. Every pet wants to breed, it's their nature - that doesn't mean that they should.

People don't just pimp out their female or male hedgehogs for breeding like that, and if they do, that's very irresponsible. Irresponsible breeding can result in WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome) and incest. Responsible hedgehog breeding requires pedigrees that include background information on previous generations of parentage and health of the hedgehog.

If you still want to consider breeding, you need to ask yourself if you can you take care of the babies and mom, meaning you need enclosures/housing for at least both the parents and their children. Do you have at least several hundred/a thousand dollars saved in emergency vet funds for all of them?

You'd also need to do research on what the mom needs, and most people who go into breeding generally apprentice with an experienced breeder beforehand first. They also usually experience at least hedgehog's full lifetime (i.e., you own one hedgehog for the full 4+ years) without breeding it before they consider breeding.

I'll stop there, but there's a lot that goes into breeding. It takes a lot of preparation, research, time and patience.

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