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My hedgehog Quintin is an extremely picky eater. Since I got him a couple months ago I can only get him to eat the Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice cat food (his main diet) and cooked chicken. He will somewhat nibble at romaine lettuce but I don't want to give him too much and cause him the runs. I have offered him watermelon, raspberry, and banana and he tried each and refused to touch any of it again. I'll be honest I haven't tried all that much yet - I know there are tons of other options - but what do you think I should try next? I read online they can eat bell peppers so I'm going to try that tonight. Also, I read on multiple websites that hedgies can have wet cat food? Is this true? If so, I might try that and see if he likes it. Thanks for any input you can give! I am worried he isn't getting all the nutrients that he needs!
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