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Default Re: She is home! Now I have a few questions

Originally Posted by smsaifyr
Joy is home!
When we went to pick her up the breeder said that she had to take Joy (and her brother and sister) away from her mom a few days ago because the mom was getting aggressive with them.
She turned 6 weeks old today, is it really bad that she did not spend exactly 6 weeks with her mom? Anything we can do to ease the transition?

We also got her home last night around 10, and from 10pm till just now she has only eaten 8 kibble. It is the same kind that she was eating at the breeders, she may eat more tonight but wanted to know if this was a concern.

And a quick funny story before I go to work, we are providing her with a bowl of water and a water bottle. She was drinking from her water dish and she didn't quite get the hang of it because she had one paw in the water and kept sneezing the water out of her noes.
Hehehe Dexter did that when he first tried a water dish! It kept upsetting him so he'd huff at it and put his visor quills down. I just laughed at him (poor guy haha) but now he's a water bowl pro!
It's normal for hedgies to eat less when they first come home. Everything is new and strange! Give her a few days and reassess the situation
I don't know anything about the age thing... but maybe it means she will just be super bonded to you?

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