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CourtneyLA 02-12-2015 03:02 PM

Adding a C&C "room"?
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So this is the cage that I have Nina set up in, but I've noticed that it's a little small. I do plan on getting an igloo and hoping she'll use it so her blankets don't take up as much room. My question is:

Do you think it would be okay to add another two cubes and move the wheel to that side, but take out the wall by the wheel to connect them rather than expand the whole thing? I would open the other side during the night but keep it closed during the day with her heater over where she sleeps.

I can't afford another heater right now and she's stubborn and kind of runs from the warmth lol so I'd want to have her have less space to sleep during the day but more space to run around in at night.

shinydistraction 02-12-2015 08:36 PM

If I'm understanding what you're proposing to do correctly, it honestly sounds like more trouble than it's probably worth. It means having to dismantle and reassemble part of your cage every single day. Also, the additional space is going to have to be heated regardless of whether she's awake or not.

Personally, I would just wait until you can afford to do it for reals. I would suggest going with a bigger dome than the one you have when you do upgrade the cage. That looks like the 5.5in one? I'd get at least the 8.5in, but the 10in will spread out the heat more evenly.

Just out of curiousity, why is there foil wrapping your heat lamp?

CourtneyLA 02-12-2015 11:50 PM

Noo I would make it so the wall would still have a plastic edge and just snap the grid back in place, not take it all apart.
And it's got the foil there because it's a wire instead of solid lamp. When I bought the bulb that's what it said to use to avoid overheating, by the time I realized I could have bought the other type it was too late so I use the foil to redirect the heat, it honestly does just about as well as my reptile heat lamps do

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