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Prickerz 09-24-2014 01:26 PM

I know it's not big enough. But it's all I have
My boyfriend was convinced this cage is plenty big but I know he is wrong. Well, we ordered it and now i'm stuck with it. So, I guess I need to make the best of it... she will have a flying saucer wheel at all times, and I built her a play pen. Will this cage do, or should I just take it out back and burn it? :(
I convinced him that the standard was WAY too small, and I really wanted the XL- we compromised and got the large. My breeder thinks it will be good but what do you all think?

NewHedgieOwner100 09-24-2014 02:27 PM

It looks a bit small too me, but I can't really tell. Do you have the size dementions?

DesireeM81 09-24-2014 02:44 PM

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It's not horribly small. 37.8 inches length x 22.4 inches width. That's close to 6 square feet at 5.8ish square feet. A good cage is at least 4 square feet of space.

Here's what I would do. Don't use the flying saucer wheel. I would go for a comfort wheel if you can't order a Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel or Carolina Storm Wheel, it's a standing wheel and will take up less floor space.

I would suggest not using the extra level unless you can fully enclose it to prevent her from falling off of it.

She will be perfectly healthy in that cage, it will help keep in heat and is escape proof. It's not a horribly small cage. Don't worry. If you need to upgrade you can do that later.

Oh and I'm always assuming you are getting a girl... Lol.

Prickerz 09-24-2014 03:29 PM

Well I am getting a girl!! Lol I really should figure out a way to upload some pictures foe you all to see...

I have seen them set up and I really do not think she can get on the second level. I was planning on just putting the food dish on the ground level and letting her use the underneath as her hide. Do you think she would still manage to climb on top of it?

The square footage was what I was worried about... thank you!
The comfort wheels always seem to literally fall apart whenever we use them in the pet store. What is your opinion on the silent spinner wheel?

DesireeM81 09-24-2014 04:04 PM

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Silent Spinners are not recommended because they have slits in them.

Honestly if you want a good wheel, you can make one or order one from Larry. http://www.carolinastormhedgehogs.com/ I have done both and making one is not easy! I have a comfort wheel I bought while I was waiting for CSW's and I didn't not like it. It's a good enough wheel. Larry makes a good wheel and they are about less expensive than silent spinners, they are extremely safe and completely silent.

Hedgehogs can be great climbers. I might use it if I could turn around the ramp thing around so there is no way of her climbing up it.

Nancy 09-24-2014 04:24 PM

That cage size is fine. I would remove the loft not only to give more floorspace, but even if she does manage to get up to it, it's not hedgie safe. :)

Prickerz 09-24-2014 05:09 PM

Remove said ledge and get a wooden hut- got it! (I'm not a fan of igloos!)
Thank you everyone!

I have seen those wheels before, but... eh. lol i'd prefer a silent spinner I think, it just seems more sturdy. does anyone have experience with them?

Nancy 09-24-2014 05:20 PM

Silent spinners are horrible. They aren't safe. The slits and the seam down the middle can catch little toes and nails. Not only that, the base is not stable. It does not extend out far enough and can tip over when hedgie enters or exits. The nuts holding the wheel onto the base can also come unscrewed while in use causing the wheel to fall.

They aren't sturdy. They are made of brittle plastic and can crack easily if dropped or hit against something.

It isn't silent.

Here is a review on the Silent Spinner.


If you want a commercial wheel, the Comfort wheel is much safer.

Prickerz 09-24-2014 05:41 PM

WOW thank you- that's awful! Carolina storm wheel it is! They are sturdy?

DesireeM81 09-24-2014 06:09 PM

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They can be attached to the cage or come with a stand. My hedgehogs can move theirs but they have only tipped it over once. This was two of them, though and they probably worked together.

Like I said before, these wheels are amazing. I have four of them and I just adore them. My hedgehogs probably love them even more.

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