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papuzka 04-08-2013 01:10 PM

Building C&C cage?
Hello :) After having some problems with registration (it refused to accept my gmail email) here I am hoping you guys can help me out :).

I'm planning to build a cage for my hedgehog, because he loves climbing and the cage he got now is 1 level only. My room got limited floor space left, as this is my bedroom, work room and I share it with my 120l tropical fish tank and obviously a hedgehog. I might be getting master bedroom which i a lot bigger but that's a far off thing :(.
So here is a plan, I'm planning to make the c&c cage around 3 squares long and 1.5 squares wide (don't have spare for anything wider, I might make it 4 squares long if I move things around a bit) this would make the cage around 10 cm longer than his current cage. The top level would have to be 1 square shorter to make the access to 1st level easier.
Now questions time :)
Is there a point of making 3 levels if the top 2 levels wound be only 2x1.5 squares or maybe it's better to make the 1st level 2 squares high to make it brighter.
Ramps or tubes? like http://www.petsathome.com/shop/rat-tube ... avic-36543 Ramps would be studier because they won't be removable but tubes can be removes and washed when needed (my boy isn't litter trained). They also have the "corner" kind of the same tubes, at a low angle which would be nice to put at each end of straight tube. And if ramps are better, what is the best way to make them so they are easy to clean :3?
For the sides and bottom I will be using persplex and was wondering what kind of glue is safe to use for hedgehog? Is it ok to use acrylic glue/ hot glue gun on it? I know it's safe to use acrylic glue without any added stuff in it for fish tank because it doesn't leech chemicals so should be safe to use here as well? Or maybe I will be better off making small holes and tying it directly to the cage?

Any suggestions?

Trying to find a c&c parts in uk was a nightmare xD So if anyone in uk is interested someone on amazon is selling those :) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pet-Cage-Run-Pl ... s=pet+cage

lanceawesome 04-09-2013 10:57 PM

Re: Building C&C cage?
Its best to avoid levels because hedgehogs are excellent climbers! well but only going up, they have poor eyesight( as what ive read) so they trip easily so they may fall. But asked between a ramp or tube? Ill go with the tube because its much safer cuz he/she cant fall off the side. If you can find the flexible ones they could be much cheaper and easier to use though! http://www.petsathome.com/shop/guine...glesafe-106365 if it cant support your hedgie support the tube with things like cardstock.

a question...
is that persplex thing like corrogated pastic? if so then just score the plastic then bend and secure on the OUTSIDE

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