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kandyhedgie 04-07-2009 01:04 PM

Sterilite tub vs. aquarium
I have a question, as a hedgieless pet owner at the moment, about housing.

Many people here do not like the idea of aquariums (for reptiles, snakes or fish) to be used for hedgehogs. Yet, people will suggest a clear/frosted sterilite tub instead. The main arguement against aquariums is lack of ventilation.

Aren't they essentially the same? If you keep the lids off the aquarium or the tub, you have a rectangular, plastic or glass container (with a cute hedgie inside). Same ventilation, in my opinion.

So what makes sterilite tubs better than aquariums?

(note: this isn't a debate over using C&C cages... we already know thats a better option than any of the above ;) )

Lilysmommy 04-07-2009 01:55 PM

Re: Sterilite tub vs. aquarium
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With Sterilite containers, people heat the plastic and drill ventilation holes into the sides, about halfway down. You can't do that with glass aquariums.

Immortalia 04-07-2009 06:18 PM

Re: Sterilite tub vs. aquarium
There's a thread about this awhile back. Here it is:


kandyhedgie 04-07-2009 06:35 PM

Re: Sterilite tub vs. aquarium
Ah darn. I knew this wasn't an original idea.

Thanks for the link! Very helpful because if I get a hedgie this summer, I was planning on having a nice C&C cage where I'll be going to school, and a tub + goodies (extra dishes, extra wheel) at my parents' place for the occasional visit.

I figured my hedgie would not want to miss thanksgiving turkey ;) (plain + cooked, of course)

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