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Unhappy Ceramic Heat Emitter - What To Do?

Hello, I am going to get a hedgehog soon(ish) and are preparing for it at the moment. I've finally decided to use a Ceramic Heat Emitter to heat my Sterilite Bin/s (two story) and was wondering how my idea was. I know that hedgehogs need about 12-14 hours of light and I thought that I could use a heating lamp with visible light to provide that. I know that people say not to have the heaters with visible light, but what if I had two different bulbs that I switched around, one with visible light for around half the day, and one with no visible light for the other half of the day? These would be of the same wattage and also save me electricity. I need to know if this is okay, or if it is simply wrong. Thank you for all your help!
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