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Exclamation Hedgehog losing quills and hair-not mites

Beatrix has been losing a lot of quills and hair everyday each time she moves. When I first noticed it I took her to the vet and the vet checked for mites but couldn't see any under the microscope, but still gave me 2 treatments for mites for her anyways. She also gave me an anti-fungal shampoo to use on her for a few weeks. I'd recently changed her food so after I'd tried the mite treatment and shampoo for a few weeks and nothing helped I switched her back to her old food. Still no improvement after another three weeks. I then switched to another food recommended by the vet and nothing has helped. She seems to be very itchy and uncomfortable and I'm not sure what more to do for her. I'm waiting for another call back from the vet but I'm not sure if she'll have anymore answers either.

If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I hate seeing my little girl like this.

She's also 4 so she's definitely not quilling

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