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Default PLEASE help me!! Injured upper leg or hip

So, a week ago, I noticed that my hedgehog had his right leg bone kind of sticking upwards whenever he lays down. My mom thought he was compensating for his other side because he has a large cyst (which is non-cancerous, according to my vet) on the left side of his body. I tried to help him by massaging his leg to try to ease any pain, but a few days after, I saw that he threw up and then I noticed that he wasnít walking normally at all. Instead of using the bottom of his foot, he limps on the top/side of it so that his toenails are on the ground. I havenít noticed any bruising around his leg, but his upper leg bone is still sticking out. And because of the awkward way he walks, he sometimes accidentally rolls himself onto his back. He hasnít been running for about a year now but I thought it was due to his cyst and that it was difficult for him to run because of it. I brought him to the vet as soon as I could and they didnít really tell me what was wrong. Iím not sure if they checked his leg at all because they said they couldnít look at it too well because he was huffy and scared. They just told me that it was probably because he is reaching the end of his life since heís 4 years old and gave me a pain medication for his pain. But they never performed any x-rays on him or anything, so how can they be sure his age is whatís wrong? I have no idea if there are any better vets where I live. I just want to know whatís wrong with him so I can help him or even just keep him comfortable for as long as I can. Maybe itís an injury that can be fixed? He still walks around his house but itís hard for him to put his hurt leg down. I donít know what this is, what to do or where to bring him. I just really need some help, to figure out whatís wrong with him and help him. Thanks
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