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Default Something seems wrong


My hedgehog, has been weird 4 days ago. He was curled up and would not uncurl, was in that position no matter what I do. I warmed him up and the next day, he seemed to be fine. I doubt that it is hibernation since temp did not drop and he was eating perfectly fine day before this happened. He seemed to have hurt his leg, but not too sure. Right now, he is moving and acting normal as before except when he lifts his leg, it is shaking. It is hard to explain but as he walks, when one of his leg isn't touching the floor, it shakes but doesn't shake when it is touching the floor. . But he can walk around and even saw him run little. Anyone know what symptom this is? And it is the front leg. He seems to not eat his food like usual. Maybe very little. I offered him meal worm and he is still crazy about meal worm. still drinks. I guess to say, his right legs seems to be weak.

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