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Exclamation Weird nose whistle snuffle and nose licking? URI?

Hello all!

I'm brand spanking new to the hedgehog world (as in just got 5 week old baby Monty on 3 days ago) so I have lots of new mom anxiety!

I've had Monty for a very short time (see above) but I noticed that she makes this weird snuffling sound like she's trying to blow something out of her nose and she licks her nose a lot. From what I've found she might have an URI and I'm waiting to get into the vet later this week but I thought maybe I should post on here and see if anyone had a similar situation and might be able to quell some of my worries!

So let me describe little Monty's issues in greater detail. The first day there seemed to be no problem with her at all, she was very excited and very active. The second day was much the same but now I can hear her making that strange noise like she's trying to get out something that is stuck in her nose. She has also been licking her nose very frequently and I saw a clear snot bubble come out her nose but none sense then.

Here's the kicker though. She only does this when she's first woken up for like 10-15 minutes. After that, she's totally fine and crazy active. The moment she lays down, it stops as well.

Here's some additional information:
She's been making this weird mouth noise like a human might make if their mouth is dry.
She's been eating and drinking a lot.
Her poops are totally normal.
When we got her from the breeder she lived in what I believe was pine bedding but now we've given her fleece bedding.
She also had some scabby orange/red bits but those cleared up within a day especially after a bath (probably from quilling).

I hope the vet will have answers for us but for now I'm hoping you guys will know something.

Does it have to be a URI or could it be a cold or something? Also sorry this is such a long post I'm just hoping little Monty is alright.
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