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Default Re: What REAL plants are safe to use?

IMO I really think, for the safety of your hedgie and to make maintenance easier for yourself, that you should use fake plants. you can get the nice silk ones if you want it to look more asthetically pleasing but I would be too nervous to take the risk of putting something in my hedgie's cage that could make her sick.

just like people have allergies, hedgie's do too. and although a plant may be considered "safe", who knows how your hedgie may react to it. I'd be afraid Lulu would eat it (since she eats everything she finds lol) and if she started throwing up or having runny poop or something, I'd be so worried! "did it just not agree with her tummy? is she allergic to it? did I buy the wrong plant? should I take her to the vet? ahhhh!!" but I'm also a really neurotic mommy

and I'd also be worried that, when the plant starts to wilt, that it would either attract bugs or cause a bad smell. but like I said, this is all just my opinion. this is in no way, shape, or form, factual information. I just figured I'd give you my two cents but I'm sure one of the more experienced owners will be able to provide better info for you!

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