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Default New Owner - Is my hedgie trying to hibernate?

Hello everyone! I’m a new hedgehog owner & have had my little Olive since December. She’s almost 5 months old. I came home tonight to find her almost frozen in her cage. I went to pick her up & she didn’t immediately curl up into a ball like she normally does. I immediately worried she was trying to hibernate & started skin-to-skin contact to warm her up. Her cage stays between 75-80*. After about 20 mins she started perking up & I was able to feed her some kibble by hand.

I did notice she had some stinky, runny poop last night, so I also thought she could be dehydrated. I did a little pinch test, but still couldn’t quite tell. I may end up taking her to the vet tomorrow just to be on the safe side, but I’d greatly appreciate any advice you other hedgie owners may have. 😊

Also, my dad surprised me with baby chicks last week. I have them in a separate room & wash my hands between when I handle them & when I handle Olive. I tried to do some research on chickens & hedgehogs, but couldn’t really find any clear information. Could this also be why Olive is having a bit of a weird spell? Can hedgehogs catch something from chickens?

Thanks in advance for your insights! ❤️
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