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He does free feed kind of since a tablespoon is more than he eats and if he eats it all I give him more than a tablespoon the next day. I will start giving him more baby food and hope that helps and prove he is just being picky.

His lamp is set for 75. I don't have control of the heat in my apartment. I can just close the radiator if it gets too hot. The building controls when it comes on. This causes the temperature in my apartment to vary which I know isn't good and one of the reasons I plan to move this summer. If it is cold out the heat comes on a lot and it is 78 to 80 inside until I open a window to get back to 76. If it is warmer outside (40s) the heat doesn't come on much and my apartment temp can be as low as 70. I know this isn;t good and his lamp doesn't really reach his food area or wheel. Just where he sleeps. So this could be the problem too.

He just turned 2 years old. The cat food he gets is Natural Balance LID 30% protein and 12% fat. Its a relatively new bag. Actually I think I opened it just before he started eating less. Maybe this is a bad bag.

He does run a lot. That hasn't changed. He runs as much as he always has but is eating less so losing weight. I did read to give him higher fat food and plan to get some to start mixing in.The only insects I had been giving him were freeze dried meal worms. He doesn't seem to like those anymore either. I will try some alive worms.

The vet was able to check his mouth and said everything was good in December. I try to look but I don' really know what I would be looking for. His teeth seem normal.

Thank you for your help.
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