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Hi, yes I would also be concerned for him too, dropping 60gs in 4 months is quite a lot. Hedgehogs should be free fed. If he used to eat through all his food (1tbsp) then you should give more and throw out whatever is left the following evening and replace with fresh food. Sounds like he does have an appetite if he eats up all the baby food when offered and will also eat more cat food on these nights. Whilst he's trying to gain weight I'd offer the babyfood every night alongside the kibble.

What is the temperature of his cage? Sometimes if it is too cold they won't want to eat much. How old is he, is he getting old? And what is the percentage of fat on his cat food? If he is a runner and struggles to maintain weight (when he does eat well) then perhaps you need to mix in a slightly higher fat % cat food to stop him from burning of his food so quickly.

Also a great way to help gain weight is feeding insects if you don't already feed these, I'd recommend offering them every night to help him put weight back on. They're really nutritious and should be part of their diet anyways, where possible.

But in terms of getting him to eat more kibble or why he isn't eating as much ~ Are you able to check his mouth? Perhaps he has a mouth issue and kibble is too hard work for him to eat? Have you tried soaking his kibble in water so it becomes mushy (if you try this still offer a separate bowl of fresh kibble in case he doesn't like it and refuses to eat completely). Also how old is the bag of food? Once it goes stale, hedgies have been known to refuse to eat it/eat less.

Try these things and see if any help. Also I'd start weighing him every night at the same time, before or after eating/pooping/peeing etc as these will all change his weight by a few grams in itself! Weighing once a week is not enough when there is an issue as perhaps he'll eat more that day or do more poop, this will change the weight by a considerable amount and not be accurate to perhaps the following day...

My boy used to be underweight and now has gained so much I'm starting to worry he's getting too big or has a problem >< lol

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