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Default Hedgehog loosing weight

My hedgehog has been loosing weight since early November. He was 330 grams then but now he has been loosing a couple grams a week. He is down to 270 grams. I weigh him at least once a week before he gets up to eat and run. He runs a lot. He always has but he used to eat more and he has been eating less. I give him a tablespoon of food every night. He used to eat it all. Again since November he eats maybe half of it a night sometimes less and occasionally more. Maybe once a week he eats most of the food. I also give him maybe a teaspoon of baby food turkey once or twice a week. He eats that all up and licks the bowl clean. He will eat more cat food on turkey nights too.
I took him to the vet right after Christmas. At that point he was only down 15 grams and the vet and I just assumed he was eating less from the weather change. It is still winter. I don’t know if that’s why he is eating less and loosing weight still. Everything else with him seems normal. Any advice will help. I am just concerned he has lost too much weight. Thank you.
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