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Exclamation Mites & Ivermectin

I rushed Breckenridge to the vet a week ago after I found an abscess growing at his quill line. She removed the excess skin, cleaned out the wound, and dressed it to prevent further infection. After testing him for mites, it came back positive and I was devastated. She gave him an Ivermectin injection and we were sent on our way home with two more (oral) dosages. She took his weight and gave me two measured and ready to go syringes to give to him (one next week and the other two weeks after that). Although, I have been reading horror stories about Ivermectin and it's effect on hedgehogs. This was the first time I had ever had to take Breckenridge to the vet, and understanding that they are the professionals I had no doubts when she gave him the injection and sent me home with the other doses. Now I am beginning to worry...

He hasn't been scratching anymore and his wound is all healed up. Would it be ignorant of me to not give him the other two doses? What is the likelihood that the first dose took care of the mites? He only had one hot stop and out of all the skin she removed and examined she only found ONE mite... I am not sure what I should do. I either trust the vet and give him the dose risking his life, or I don't give him the doses and he suffers from more mites if they aren't already gone... I will never forgive myself if something goes wrong!

Also, is it normal to spend over $100 for a vet visit with a hedgie because this was a HEFTY bill...


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