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Default For Experienced Breeders/Former Breeders/Owners w/ 2+ Years

This post is a follow up to my original cat food list which has since evolved into an idea I agree I can take on and will be compiling featuring all major food categories currently used in a hedgehogs diet.

I would ask in the first portion that only experienced Breeders/Former Breeders/Owners with 2 + years of experience minimum respond to this project, as it evolves and I submit it for revision to experienced breeders and owners who wish to participate I will then open it to people who are newer to hedgehog ownership for their opinions.

I am looking for first and foremost you owners and breeders who have dealt with the changing diets, the findings from different foods and how it affected the hedgehog both positively and negatively. If you had a hedgehog have complications or death due to any diet issues or long term effects while I know it may be tough to talk about I would appreciate this info in better understanding. While it may or may not matter I am interested to see diet differences in a White-Bellied vs Algerian if there is any so if you can recall anything of that like it may be important to separate in this health listing.

I am currently setting up a site where I will have survey(s) setup to assist in this and please note you may take your time to fill these out and I am merely requesting your participation so we can compile our hedgehog diets to get a clear picture of things. As it stands I think all of us can agree we've been looking at hedgehog diets through a toilet paper tube and missed examining it as a whole and why change what has worked for you is how I see it.

If you would like to assist me in this project and/or can provide information or contact others that have the asked experience with hedgehogs to participate please let them know. I will be attempting to contact people outside of HHC either way and even contacting those with considerably less them agreeable diets to most peoples opinions as seeing the whole picture is my goal in this project.

I can be reached via email [email protected]

I will post a survey shortly that will assist you in better organizing what I am thinking of. In addition please let me know if you feel there is more to add I want input to make this a very helpful resource.
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