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Originally Posted by nikki View Post
Please do not allow your male and female to have any playtime, not even supervised. Female hedgehogs are induced ovulators which means they come into heat every time they are in close contact with a male. Every time you let them have playtime she is coming into heat. Having this happen over and over again is very bad for her physical health and can lead to long term health issues. It also is very frustrating for a male to be close to a female and not be able to breed. This can lead to behavioural issues.
This doesn’t answer my question whatsoever but thanks I guess hahah? By “supervised play dates” I mean they’re both allowed to roam the excercise room at the same time. They’ve no interest in going after each other; they’ll occasionally pass each other while scavenging but don’t follow one another. Neither hedgie has ever engaged in mating behavior or even shown interest in one another for more than two seconds. Again, they’re roaming an entire room full of toys, not being put in the same enclosure. Thank you for letting me know though, I’ll be sure to separate them if they ever present issues c:
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