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Default Something odd discharged from male?

Hi there! I've searched around a few threads and found that's it kinda common for male hedgehogs to have "boy time", but I'm a little concerned about the result

My boy, Jersey, has never done that before. He was very secluded when I first got him (he was a year and half old at the time), and scared of everything. He doesn't feel comfortable unless he's either with me or on a play date with my female hedgehog (supervised of course! I'm a hedgehog lover, not a breeder).

Last night, however, he seemed to engage in boy time while exploring my desk, and the result was a greyish white glob? it was like a ball of jelly, and had a small odor.

Since he's never done this before, I'm not sure if that's normal, or if I should be concerned? If it isn't normal, does anyone have any idea what it might be? I'd like to take him into the vet and have the issue checked on (swabbed the 'sample' with a cotton ball just in case it's something serious).

But again, I'm not sure if this is a normal result or an issue; he's never done this while with me, and he's going on two years now. He was a breeder in his former home, so it's possible they sold him simply because he couldn't breed, but his first check up was fine.
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