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Default Re: Doing our Research!

Thank you for the responses. I will take your suggestions and call the recommend vet this afternoon. We are located outside Binghamton, NY 13905

We found that after visiting our local pet stores, none of them carry hedgies. They are special orders only. We have no intentions of going this route and are trying to locate the nearest reputable breeder so that hopefully we may plan a family visit to better understand the hedgehog and get a up close and personal experience with some hedgies. After all none of us has even met a hedgehog yet or held one. But looking at pictures our favorite is the Algerian Black snowflake with a black mask.

Myself and my wife must admit after reading and researching now for almost a week we find ourselves excited about the idea of having a hedgehog but have to restrain from letting our daughter know until further research is done. My wife already wanted to order the Carolina Storm Wheel to get it heading this way . Had to reign her in..

So I feel uncomfortable asking this next question but have learned in the past that there is always negative factors to equal positive factors. Can anyone tell us some negative points about owning a hedgehog? Other then price of ownership including housing, light, and heat setup which isn't a concern are there any major concerns? Are home is quiet, no little kids youngest being 16. One very small dog.

So far we have not found anything in our research that would be a concern for our family owning a hedgehog.

As always thank you for any comments. Off to read more in the forum.
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