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Kudos to you for being an involved parent many times a parent caves to their child's whim and doesn't really learn about a hedgehog and the responsibility a hedgehog will need so its very refreshing to see your post.

First and foremost a hedgehog is a very expensive start-up animal as you have probably found to properly housed, feed, provide proper exercise, and heating/lighting.

Since you've said you've read through a lot here on the forums I will just assist with the main question.

An hour drive for a vet some would consider a luxury, I know of members here who travel much farther for their hedgehogs. It is important to ensure you have a experience hedgehog vet so once/if you get a hedgehog schedule a wellness check-up for their health and this will also give you a size up of your vets knowledge and ability with a hedgehog.

The only concern is if your hedgehog will handle travel well, some do and some do not, otherwise it should be fine as you've probably read hedgehogs can come down with some serious illness at times.

Welcome to the community I hope it helps you better understand our quilled little friends
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