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Question not sure whats causing huge quill loss?

hello i have an egyptian long eared hedgehog whos about 1 year and 5 months old (im not sure if theyre quilling patterns are different from the pygmys, (i havnt been able to find evidence theyre any different). he is losing a lot of quills lately like today for example he was on my lap i was petting him and he lost about 60 quills in the space of 25 minutes! and thats not including the many more in his cage from just last night and today. all the quills have bulbs on them and he doesnt seem to be scratching any more than normal. i brought him to the vet about 2/3 weeks ago and she said his quills look nice and dense and no sign of mites but hes only been losing more since then. he still doesnt have a bald patch or anything but if he keeps losing quills at this rate im sure he will soon? please help with some advise as to what this might be!
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