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Originally Posted by bakakaichou
Hi everyone,

My friend is looking to give up his 8 month old hedgehog to a good home and I'm considering adopting it, but I have a question as I want to ensure the hedgehog's quality of life.

I often travel between two cities (usually on the weekends) every week. The drive is about 1-1.5 hours depending on traffic. I wouldn't want to leave the hedgehog alone over the weekend so I would like to bring him with me, but I don't know if the drive twice a week would be something he dislikes or is not healthy for him to do. Could someone provide me with some advice? Thanks!
I actually do the exact same thing haha
I was able to not travel the first 2 weeks Dexter was home so that he'd be used to me and stuff and then on the first car ride i was soooo nervous! So I put him in his carrier and off we went on the 1.5 hour drive. He didn't really sleep at all, he pooped, and he barfed. But when we got there I set up his cage the exact same way it always is and left him alone. That night, he ate/drank/ran/did everything he normally does so the ride didn't seem to traumatize him!
Now I just either leave him in his cage while we travel, or just leave him in his bag in his carrier. He stays asleep the whole time and its like it never happened.
He really is a champ!
I asked my vet if it was bad to do this and she said "nope. if that's your life, your hedgie is gonna have to get used to it"
Which is the opposite of what i'd read on here, but my mom was like "come on come on lets go" so i said FINE and everything turned out great! The vet was right on this one and Dexter is 100% adapted. He even came into a restaurant on our road trip last weekend

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