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Default uterine cancer - cost, recovery, etc?

Sticky's vet thinks she may have uterine cancer or such. She has blood in her urine and got a shot of antibiotics on Friday. There is still blood. The vet said he expected that and to bring her back in for another shot in a few days to try to clear it up if it's a UTI or such. However, he was very upfront in saying that he thought (based on what he saw in the urine?) there's a good chance it's cancer. He sees exotics, but doesn't do the surgery. He referred to another vet about an hour away. The estimate is about $500 for the diagnostic and about $2,000+ for the surgery, etc. Does that sound right? I hate to be tacky and ask about money, but I also don't want to be taken advantage of just because I'm pretty clueless!

Sticky is about two and came to our family because another family didn't want her anymore. We are learning as we go! We've had her about 3 months.

my daughter and Sticky
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