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Originally Posted by SonicGems
Originally Posted by TWCOGAR
If the smell is bad I would remove the bedding with new bedding and clean the cage with water/vinegar. Your hedgehog can stay in a plastic container, play area, or other enclosed area leave their home or a fleece bag or blanket for them to sleep in and they will probably sleep if its day time.

Time varies on hedgehogs most are cranky when woken up but will tolerate a day time wake up. Some can be very puffy and upset about it no telling with their personalities

Hedgehogs aren't naturally stinky creatures so once she is adapted it'll get better

Maybe just a simple bedding change of sorts will help.

I used the vinegar solution, and it helped at first but now all I can smell is her "business" and vinegar. And let me tell you, it's not a good smell!

I'm glad to know that they aren't usually stinky though, because this is killing me.
Perhaps tone down the mixture if the vinegar odor is to potent to a 70 % water 30% Vinegar
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