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Default Re: Bringing our new hedgie home soon and have a few questions

Hello and welcome to Hedgehog Central!

Hedgehogs are wonderful handfuls and I will answer your questions as best of my opinions and knowledge, please wait for others to comment as well

Food - If your getting a baby I would avoid weight control until they are 6 months old as they are considered adults at 6 months and the extra fat does help with their growth, cutting it down if you find you don't have a super active hedgehog do 8-15% would be wise after 6 months. Otherwise they are very good choices.

Be sure to have a balanced treats of meal worms and crickets and other insects bought and gut fed as this is important to their diet

Cage Setup - Sounds fine to me

Water - That's the right idea, I would do that most people here prefer the water bowl because its more natural a drinking position, just remember to change the water each morning

Toys - Kitty Kong or Small Animal Kong with treats inside, small toy trucks, toilet paper tubes cut down the middle, 4" PVC Pipes, Fun Tunnels, Dryer Vents (The wheel will provide most hedgies hours a night entertainment)

Bedding - Aspen is by far the best choice if you must use wood bedding breeder use it because it is pretty much easier for pregnant mothers nest to remain clean. As a non breeder fleece is a spot clean kind of thing and much cheaper in addition the while trust me its cute to see a little hedgie shark roam the great aspen sea, they can get pieces stuck in their privates that can become infections or other complications (Especially males with their penis sheath).

Either is okay its a personal preference I find fleece is much more active for hedgies as they tend to burrow and go right to sleep and knock everything over creating more of a mess.

Hedgehogs walk on their pads so I don't think those are good ideas, a flower pot is great for a cool of area for them (BTW your temp is fine I forgot to say that earlier) but any rough surface can agitate a hedgehogs feet pads as far as I have read/been informed

Hedgehogs have one set of choppers when they are gone they are gone they don't grow more nor do they grow back.

First Aid Kit? Unopened Pedalyte, at least $200 or more set aside for vet emergencies a good experienced vet with hedgehogs, exotics doesn't always mean experience and hot hand warmers

Nail trimming depends on personality some can be a real challenge and a few can take it easily. The most common practice is to snag them after a bath and be careful not to cut the quick there's plenty of topics you can look up on the subject here

There is so much more to say but I recommend you go through out pinned topics in each major section to get a general idea on more things about hedgehogs.
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