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Default Re: Bringing our new hedgie home soon and have a few questions

Wow, sounds like you did a lot of research and as prepared as anyone can get for a first time hedgehog owner. I can give you my opinions, and I'm sure others will pipe in.

Is the diet we have planned out for her going to be a good enough?
Sounds good.

Is 78 degrees an acceptable temp for her?

12 hours of light is the amount of light needed?

Why is a bin type enclosure ok but not an aquarium?
Not very sure, but I think bins are cheaper and bigger, which is easier to obtain and allows more air circulation. I'm sure your 8 sq ft plexiglass container is big enough. It'll probably be harder to clean though because of its weight.

Offer both bowl of water and water bottle to make sure she understand the concept of the bowl?
Sounds good. When I put my water bowl, my hedgie drank from it right away, so I didn't feel the need to leave the water bottle up. Your call, though.

Enrichment toy ideas? what should be stayed away from?
Wait on getting any extra toys. Many hedgehogs just don't play with toys. My hedgie prefers to hide in things, so PVC pipes (at least 4 inches), dig boxes, and tunnels are a safe bet.

Anyone used Aspen? pros and cons?
Sorry, I don't have experience with that. I used fleece, and she poops and pees in her wheel, so the fleece stays pretty clean.

Nail trimming ideas?
My hedgie has as flower pot, and it actually does work on the front paws, but not the back. It's easier for me to cut the back paw nails anyway. Some people do it while the hedgie is in the bath. I just put her in a snuggy bag and grab her back legs to clip.

Teeth growing continuously?
Their teeth doesn't grow, so no chew toys are necessary.

First Aid kit items?
I only have hand warmers in case the electricity goes out in the winter.
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