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hmmm...could the antibiotic have made her sick (even the injectibles can make them feel icky) & given her condition, she become quickly dehydrated? that could account for the wobbly walk.

have you tried syringe feeding & hydrating her? sounds like it is a necessity at this point. i don't know where you are located but most pharmacies have 5 or 10 ml syringes for free or extremely cheap. there is a ton of good info here on what to use & how to do it...including an actual "how to" thread by Hedgehog Grove.

getting some nutrition into her could make a difference.

you may need to take her back to the vet no matter what. depening on your comfort level with hedgies in general & especially sick hedgies, i would strongly consider taking her back. vets can do a sub-Q injection of fluids to rehydrate her quickly. the vet may also need to do a more detailed exam or check for something else given the new symptoms.

please keep us posted on her progress. sending tons of good vibes your way.
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