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Default Re: Switching from paper pet bedding to liners... any advice?

Originally Posted by TWCOGAR
i switched due to wanting to avoid any and all health issues possible and she took a day of confusion but then was more active and seem happy as could be.
I felt similar about bedding, it was cute seeing Carlos dig around like he was a wild 'hog. I think I will invest in a dig box and see how he likes it. I'm glad to hear she adapted quickly, here's to hoping my little fella will, too

Originally Posted by Lilysmommy
As far as maintaining...It depends a bit on how messy your hog is. If they're pretty messy, you may have to change liners every other day or so. If they're relatively clean, you could probably spot clean nightly and just change the liner when they start looking grimy.
Thanks for the tip! I think Carlos is pretty clean. I got him a hidey-hole to hide in but he seems to use it as a potty more often than not. I wish I still had the pan that went under his CSW cause he goes on his wheel too. I guess I'll have to look for a replacement pan!
Thanks again for the help
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