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I know it is toxic to hedgies, & maybe it is stupid I am even asking this & should just throw it out, but certain organic earrings i have i was told can only be cleaned with this, also it is a good thing for cleaning ears which are pierced like mine so I guess I am wondering if there is a safe way to use TTO on yourself without endangering your hedgie.. I have only used it twice since bringing Norma home because i needed to, i used to use it more often but i get freaked out about using it because i am scared of poisoning her, every time i use it i wash my hands twice and keep her away from my ears.. but just tonight i thought about the fact that my ears will touch my pillow and blankets when i am sleeping, Norma is on my bed all the time.. I tried looking this up on the forum and couldnt find an answer, I guess I am just wondering if it is A, safe to use on yourself as long as you wash hands? B, safe after it has dried up ie from my ear to pillow case/blanket?

I hate when I randomly think of things like this and get paranoid, but I guess my over worrying/anxiety isnt all bad, although everyone outside of this website thinks i overdo it with my pets, & i have to say i get A LOT of crap for it , personally I think you can never do enough research or care/love for them too much.

If it is not safe, is there anyone else that has had to switch from TTO to something else for ear care? i dont know what the alternatives are for cleaning lobes/cleaning organic plugs.
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