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I would hate to have to pick some animals and not pick others but here it goes-

Like most people, I would have a reptile only room so I could keep them all at a warm temperature. In this I would have a corn snake, maybe a turtle, some frogs(I know their actually amphibians), and a gecko or two. I would have a seperate room for hedgies simply because I think the hedgies would be stressed out with so amny other animals. For the hedgie room, I would try to put two females together in a HUGE C&C cage. Probably 10-15 square feet. Then I would have some Males in their own cages. I don't know a thing about birds but it would be nice to have a big walkin bubble thingy in my backyard where Icould keep a bunch or birds. I want to get a hundred more animals but I don't want to bore you all plus I don;t want to get my hopes up. But you never know!
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