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Lol, I'm the same way. I have this whole domestic zoo planned out for when I have my own house. The perfect house isn't gonna happen, unless I win the lottery or something, though, lol. Here it is:
I would have one room that would be for the reptiles/amphibians, and probably the hedgehogs. I would have a corn snake, some turtles, maybe some frogs, and a few lizards in there, plus probably one or two hedgies. Of course, having the hedgehog in there with the snake, I would make sure all cages were escape-proof. I would have that room temperature controlled so it could stay at 75 or so all the time. Then I would have another room where I would have a few birds, which would be a couple of parakeets and an African Grey. That'd probably be my office, I think. I might also have a ferret in that room, and a couple of sugar gliders. Next room would be a cat room, since I'm planning on rescuing several cats from a shelter. I would have that room with a few litter boxes, lots of windows for maximum sun spots , and lots of scratching posts. I also thought it'd be neat to have lots of shelves on the walls, so they could climb up and jump around and such. Then I would have a few dogs, all rescued from the shelter, but preferably all large breeds, that would basically ge the run of the house, except for the reptile room and the bird room. Oh, and the cats would have the run of the house (except for aforementioned rooms), I would keep the cat room door shut, but with a small cat door in it so they can go in and out, but the dogs couldn't go in.
Aaaand....I would also have a chicken house/run set up outside, a barn and pasture for a couple of horses. And I would have a huge fence in the backyard, so that I could just let my dogs out to run, and they would be safe. Oh, and of course this is out in the country.
So...I think that's it, lol. Of course, I probably won't end up with most of these animals, at least not all at the same time. I want to be sure I have enough time/money to take care of them properly. I'd hate to become a hoarder.
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