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Crowley is loved 08-28-2014 04:17 AM

socializing hedgie to family, help?!
so I'v had Crowley for a little over a month and a half. shes about 3-4 months old i believe)

We have bonded perfectly; Crowley and I , she lets me hold her, pet her, bathe her, play with her,cuddle her, she sleeps in my lap alot :P . she responds when i call her name,when shes nervous all i have to do to calm her is let her smell me, call her name and she's fine almost instantly.

the problem is that she's still scared of my family and most of them are too afraid of getting 'poked' to pet her. anyone else tries to pet her or hold her or play with her and she just curls up and 'hisses' at them till they go away or that i take her back into my hands/arms.

Iv tried letting them hold her, play with her, scenting them, nothing works :'(
she's a wonderful baby and i love that she's my 'prickly pear' but i also want her to feel safe and connected to my family * i know alot of our connection is maternal and cuz iv spent more time with her than my family can- providing her every need* but i really want her to be able to play and interact with my family and fell safe- especially if they ever need to watch her for me for any length of time.

She's fine if she's in her pen and they are close- but no hands in the pen and if they aren't talking too loudly that she realizes there are 'other people' in the room.

help please?

Lady 08-28-2014 09:42 AM

Some hedgehogs just bond to one person, and sometimes we just have to accept that.

You can try putting stuff that smells like them in her cage - clothes, stuffed animals, blankets (because I'm assuming you're including children? Sorry if I'm wrong :lol:) to tussel with for a while until she becomes comfortable with it.

Brittany 08-28-2014 11:56 AM

A lot of animals can feel anxiety in humans, I would assume hedgies are no different. The tension that your family has around her probably does not help her to be comfortable. I would try what Lady said, to put stuff that smells like them in there...also they have to try handling her. She will be scared of them at first, but there is no way to get to know her without trying!

Try to use positive reinforcement. Like maybe having the person give her a snack (not straight from the hand though or she could associate the hand with food), comforting voice, a favorite toy, etc. She will eventually realize that being pet or held by someone else isnt all that bad!

Crowley is loved 08-28-2014 06:41 PM

Thanks guys :)

the youngest to hold her would be 15 ish :P i won't let 'little' kids hold her, id be too afraid they would hold her too tight and hurt her or if they got poked or bit that they would drop her- so the little ones are aloud to pet when she's held by others or in her pen.

I think my family would be more confident with her(or around her) if i could just get her to not be so scared around them that they can't pet her :P

Holls 09-04-2014 08:45 PM

My hedgie is about the same age and he loves me and my boyfriend, hardly ever hisses at us or anything, but to everyone else he is a grumpy little huff ball!! I've read that hedgies do tend to only get comfortable with one or two people, I guess you would just have to get your family to be more confident with her and cope with being poked a little bit, maybe she'll warm to them :)

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