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Caitlyneliz 05-26-2010 08:47 PM

I have a question, please read.
Okay, so first I will tell the story:

On April 10th one of my really good friends from high school passed away in a car accident :cry: . Her roommate, which is also a friend of mine, was going to keep all of her animals, but soon found out she was pregnant and wouldn't have the time or room for all the animals and a baby! This is where Rachel's (the friend that died), hedgehog comes into the picture. I met up with Kim, and got the hedgehog AKA Charlie. He was going to live with another friend, but she was out of town. We had the agreement that if my parents changed their minds or he was still alive when I moved out, I would get him back. I was hoping to convince my parents to keep him, since I still live with them and I'm in college. Well, my mom said, "Why don't you have him for 2 weeks at a time and the other person have him the next 2 weeks, etc?" I've really fallen in love with Charlie and I know I can get another hedgehog later in life, but it won't be the same. Charlie reminds me so much of Rachel and I just love him! Does this idea sound like a bad one? I was really hoping that I could keep him even if it was every 2 weeks...

Thanks for all and any advice!

rainbowcookie 05-26-2010 09:17 PM

Re: I have a question, please read.
Hedgehogs like routine and familiarity. I think it would be best for the hedgehog to have one house. Maybe you can be the babysitter when your friend is out of town? Or maybe she can? I just think it could be kinda stressful for Charlie to be with different people in different places constantly.

Maybe you can convince your parents Charlie should stay with you with some research? I'd look up lots of info so I could answer questions and counter any arguments they might have against it! Hopefully once he is home with you, they will fall in love with him, too!

lover_of_the_spiked1 05-26-2010 09:31 PM

Re: I have a question, please read.
how does the other person feel about all of this? do they feel as excited and drawn to keep charlie as you do? talk to them and see if they would let you simply have him! :) how great would that be insteed of moving him around every two weeks mayb set up a day for all 3 of you to have a little play day and mayb send pics offten or even videos that way they can still feel connected too! try to talk to them and see what they want as well :) good luck!!

Caitlyneliz 05-26-2010 09:32 PM

Re: I have a question, please read.
Actually, he's already here... He's been at my house for close to two weeks now... I can tell my mom secretly likes him a lot... My dad freaked when he found out he was in my room. I have a tortoise, a cat, some fish, and that's it.

My friend said I can come and see him anytime even if it's multiple times a week, only problem is during the fall and spring, I'm extremely busy with school and she lives about 30 minutes away... The friend actually works at a pet store which is how her and Rachel met... haha. She also said whenever she does travel, I could "watch" him. So I know I will be a big part of his life still. And really, it's my dad that I'm having to convince. And the bad part is, for some STUPID reason, you say "hedgehog" and people think it's a hog. So my dad was like, " I don't want a hog in my house!!" I was like, "Dad, he's not a HOG!!!" SOOO aggravating. Just like when people call a tortoise a turtle, but that's not as bad. lol

Caitlyneliz 05-26-2010 09:34 PM

Re: I have a question, please read.
Yeah, she's pretty excited! She's an animal lover too. And it's not her, it's my parents... :/

lover_of_the_spiked1 05-26-2010 09:41 PM

Re: I have a question, please read.
i love when people say a what a porky pine!? cool can it shoot its spikes lol i say nooo a hegehog haha when i was calling for a vet i think three diffrent ppl answered the phone and they all put me on hold no one knew what it was i was talking about its really the coolest pet ever!

sarhajoe 11-20-2014 03:14 AM

I had no idea that quilling could start so soon. I think of him as just a baby still. How long does it typically last and how many quills (approximately) will come out each day? Maybe I'll wait a few days before I give him a bath since I believe he had one the day we adopted him, just over 2 weeks ago.

DesireeM81 11-20-2014 11:30 AM

Good morning Sarah,

Please pay attention to dates before posting. This thread is 4 years old. If you have a question, it might be best to post your own thread. You can do this by going to the top of the section you wish to post in and select new thread.

As far as quilling, babies quill all the time. It's actually a baby thing, like infants getting new teeth. The worse quilling seems to be around 9 weeks and then around 6 months. But they quill at different times on and off for the first year.

For my little girl I found about 8 a day, for my little man, he was about 25 a day for months it seemed. Right now Penny is quilling at 6 month and I'm finding about 5 in her cage a night.

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