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nefertiti 09-28-2009 11:33 PM

New Hedgehog
I just got a new hedgehog last week from a breeder around town.
I thought this forum would be useful to ask a few general questions. My hedgehog's name is Nefertiti she is a girl and was born about two months ago. I just had a few general questions to ask about hedgehogs. First I am litter box training her so she can have a larger area to roam. I bought Yesterday's News cat litter for it because the breeder said it was the best. Are there any other suggestions? I don't mind it I just want to make sure it truly is the best and that she won't eat it. My other big question is, what kind of toys can I get her? I have toys for my guinea pigs and toys for my rabbit but I can't seem to find a toy SPECIALLY made for hedgehogs. What kind of toys do they like best? And finally what kind of treats can I give her aside from meal worms and crickets. I haven't tried the meal worms yet, but I dislike crickets and don't want to get them. Can anybody help me out? :D

Bookgobbler 09-29-2009 12:30 AM

Re: New Hedgehog
Hi there and welcome!

I'm pretty new at it myself but I can tell you what I've learned from these forums and personal experience.

yesterday's news is pretty good, Tama has that but be aware that some just won't be potty trained. Mine has decided the only place she will go is on the paper towel under the wheel and not in the huge litter box.

As for toys, you can try all sorts of cat and ferret toys. Just make sure there is supervision. Be wary of the cat balls with holes/bars on them which look like a paw might fit in and stuff like that. I haven't really found any kind of toy that are specifically made for hedgehogs. stuffed animals and stuffed animals without the stuffing are sometimes popular and the classic toilet paper tube. The breeder I got Tama from also suggested those little cloth dolls filled with catnip and various things like that. You can check out the forum on toys, there are some great postings.

Same goes for treats. you can search it but in general, fruits and vegs are good treats (stay away from citrus and grapes), no dried fruits, and I have found that baby food is a hit with mine. She loves the gerber's meat sticks (little hotdogs). go slow with the treats though, it might take a little time for them to warm up to the treat so keep trying and also one at a time so you can monitor any health changes in relation to the treat (ie. she might get an upset tummy from certain treats)

nefertiti 09-29-2009 12:51 AM

Re: New Hedgehog
Thanks! I didn't even see the forum for toys. Right now she is sleeping in her litter box but no incidents with it yet. I just introduced it tonight.

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