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Default Hedgehog Died, Want Another

My hedgehog died on Tuesday. He had been acting grumpy since Sunday (basically not unrolling as fast) and I didn't realize he was sick until I took him out the snuggle on Tuesday in the early afternoon and he couldn't ball up or walk right. He was a bit cold so I tried to warm him, but by the time I realized it wasn't helping I couldn't get him to the vet in time (he died within 10 minutes of it and I could tell it was the end so I just held him). He wasn't even able to eat at that point his tongue seemed to not be able to come out. He had eatten the night before (I always fed him at night) and his water and heating pad were working fine, so I'm not sure what happened. He seemed to be somewhat peaceful as he went, but I'm still really sad.

I took his stuff out of my room (and buried some of his stuff with him-toys, snuggle pouch, ect) but I miss him a lot and am thinking getting another might make me feel better. We used to snuggle at night and I'm finding it hard to sleep without hearing him chirp and play.

He was only 10 months old, I got him when he was 3 months, since he died so young I'm scared it was my fault.

I'm trying to find some advice as to whether it is a good idea to get another.
I had given him a personality of being a little jealous so I know he'd not like me getting another one, but I miss him so much.
By me there is only a pet store, not breeders, but I would consider one, since I want a friendly guy and the pet store didn't seem to play with them much.

Also how long do they usually live? I read somewhere 5 years, which is what I had expected to have had with my little man. I spoiled him to make sure he was healther and happy.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

I'm sorry to hear you lost your little one That is always difficult to deal with for everyone. I would suggest not rushing to get another one, but take some time to grieve and save up some money and do your research to provide the best possible of everything for the next hedgie.

Its hard to say why you lost your hedgehog, but that is much younger than normal. Blaming yourself isn't going to do any good at this point, just spend time learning about all the special care and requirements they need so you are ready for the next one and so you might be able to help others that might be making the same mistakes.

Here is an excellent starting point, it was written by Lizardgirl on this forum and you can download it for free:
http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/files ... index.html

Heating and light are very important. They need to have some sort of heat set up and kept at a constant temp of 73-78, also being careful that their aren't drafts coming through the cage. They also need to have consistent light during the day time, and in the winter months just the outside daylight isn't enough. Here is the best info I found for setting up the heat:

Many new owners make the mistake of feeding the wrong food, here is where you can find a list of appropriate foods:
Also, there are foods, treats, and things that are toxic and dangerous, you can find that info on this forum too.

Please do lots of research first and be very prepared before getting another one, there is no need to rush out and get him.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

Have you read LizardGirl's book? You can download it free here: http://www.westcoasthedgehogs.com/files ... index.html

Hedgehogs can be very high maintanence so you should think carefully about whether you want that much responsibility. They need proper heating, between 74-76 degrees, and ideally they should have cuddle time every day. It's a good way for you to observe their behavior so you will notice if they're sick.

If you do get another one, definitely use a breeder. Where are you from? I think there's a list of good breeders on this website listed by state.

Other than that, just give yourself a little more time to heal. I know it's painful not to be able to cuddle with him anymore, but you need to take care of yourself and make sure you're healed, so that any future hedgehog you get has your full attention. As for missing his little noises, I started sleeping with the fan on for background noise when I get anxious so I don't have to listen to the total quiet. Maybe try that, or a white noise machine? It really does help, I promise.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

Thanks guys.

I was mixing two types of hedgehog food and giving him a bit of high quality wet cat food every other day. On the other days he would get a few mealworms. He was a skinny guy and never seemed to finish all of his dry food, but I think his diet was okay. I picked brands that were suggested on here, made for african hedgies--not european.

As for the heating, my room was kept at ~72 and he had his own pad in his cage, which I thought was good enough. I'll look into other options though.

I'll certianly research and grieve more before getting another one. I just spent so much time with him in my room, that it feels weird and lonely not being together. We snuggled so much together everyday.

My bf doesn't want me to get another and neither do my parents, mainly because I am so upset. So, my bf wants me to look into prarie dogs instead.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

I would wait a few weeks at minimum before you make any decisions, I know how traumatic it can be when a beloved pet dies but I personally LOVE having a pet hedgehog so you never know maybe in a month or so your boyfriend will change his mind.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

Sounds like he tried to hibernate. Do you have any sort of heating system other than room heat? Perhaps when you get another hedgehog you should invest in a ceramic heat emitter to sure the cage is of adequate warmth at all times. Heat pads don't heat the air, so they aren't sufficient in keeping the entire cage warm.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

I'm sorry you lost your hedgehog. However, if you want to get another, I'd highly suggest doing some more research before you do - especially with heating and food. You'll want to get a different heating set up if you get another hedgehog, either a space heater or a CHE set up. The room needs to be warmer than 72 degrees, and a hedgehog needs a lighting schedule of 12-14 hours as well to avoid hibernation.

Whether you end up getting another hedgehog or another kind of animal, please take your time and do plenty of research first - I would wait at least a month before you get anything and spend that time saving up money, making sure you have all of the proper equipment, and doing as much reading as you possibly can - spend all of your spare time reading about whatever animal you want.
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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

If you do decide to get another hedgie, please look into food for him. Its recommended to feed high quality, grain free dry cat food.
Retired breeder and active HWS rescue station

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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss.

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Default Re: Hedgehog Died, Want Another

Something caught my eye that I didn't notice before - you said you feed him every other day, and on in between days he only gets a few mealworms? They need to be fed every day. They aren't like turtles, who can eat every few days.
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