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Seasponges 03-04-2013 09:53 PM

Hedgie Taming
My hedgie is pretty tame and easily handled, but my only complaint is that whenever I attempt to have her out of her cage she begins to poop and pee wherever I have her. I'm not sure if it's that she's still sick or if it's the antibiotic I'm giving her, but there hasn't been a time I've had to clean her poop from myself or other areas. Any help of any sort?
It might also be that I haven't had her long. I'm going on two weeks this Friday.

jerseymike1126 03-04-2013 10:11 PM

Re: Hedgie Taming
sh*t happens...put a towel on your lap

jerseymike1126 03-04-2013 10:13 PM

Re: Hedgie Taming
i guess i should elaborate better. that is not uncommon, we all get pooped on all the time...some hogs are worse than others. so have some towels designated for hedgehog time. note the plural. often they mess up one real bad and you need another :lol:

Christemo 03-04-2013 10:13 PM

Re: Hedgie Taming
A hedgehog's favorite activity is pooping! Just put them in a separate container so they can poop and pee.

Seasponges 03-04-2013 10:29 PM

Re: Hedgie Taming

Originally Posted by jerseymike1126
sh*t happens...put a towel on your lap

Lol I assumed, it's just really excessive. I'll see her walk around and then bam a big ol poop either getting dragged or stepped on. I do use towels, it's just irritating at times

Hedgehogluvr386 03-04-2013 10:32 PM

Re: Hedgie Taming
When I got Thimble... he always pooped and peed on me at least once (mostly more) but after a little while he grew out of it :)

1Rayne 03-05-2013 12:09 AM

Re: Hedgie Taming
ok apparently I'm doing something wrong or I'm just not that loved but Tucker hasn't pooped or peed on me yet haha
he does raise a stink (pardon the pun) if you dare put anything in the back corner of his cage thats where he tends to go so I don't argue with mother nature I buy 20 pound bags of fleece for 10 dollars so I just put a scrap piece there and just throw it out in the morning lol

alexvdl 03-05-2013 02:25 AM

Re: Hedgie Taming
Depending on the hog, it can get better. Reginald used to potty on Maggie regularly, but she started giving him "footbaths" after she pulled him out in the evening, and he does his business in there and is raring to go for activity time. Now he'll wait. It's been a while since she was pooped on.

smhufflepuff 03-05-2013 09:28 AM

Re: Hedgie Taming
Fear not OP, your hedgehog will soon have you fully tamed and trained to do her bidding.

One of her needs is to poop and pee. She will help train you on these matters. Pay attention to what she is saying - if you see her becoming fidgety, or her tail pop out in a "turkey's done" manner, or she assumes a wide-legged stance, she is telling you: "I'm about ready to poop/pee." It is then your job to get her to a good place to accomplish that task. Easiest solution I've found is to bring her litter box out during playtime and allow her to use it. That and hedgie wipes (ie, baby wipes) to deal with the messies when communication between the two of you isn't at 100%.

momIImany 03-05-2013 06:38 PM

Re: Hedgie Taming
Hey 1Rayne, where do you live that you can buy 20 pounds of fleece for $10.00??

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