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Zelekk 02-28-2013 10:13 PM

Tired hedgie! Need bonding and play time tips!
Hey everyone!

I'm a new hedgehog owner in need of some advice! Please help! :)

I recently got my hedgehog in early January. Her name is Maggie :)

I usually try to stick to a routine of cleaning her cage up in the morning and then going off to work school ect. When I get home around 10:30 I will make noise by putting food into her bowl and filling her food dish. She huffs and puffs when a start talking to her but kind of calms down after a little bit. When I pick her up she gets calm right away sometimes she bites me. Im not sure why she does that because she doesnt show any other signs of being afraid. So any help with that? My main problem is when I put her down on the ground she is calm and sniffs around for like a minute then runs for cover. I need help with her getting comfortable with me even more and getting her to explore! :)

I do normal things like have her in the sleeping bag with me while I'm doing small things. I've tried treats but really haven't found anything that she LOVES. She doesnt seem all that comfortable eating while I watch lol so thats odd but its cute at the same time. :)

stringmouse 02-28-2013 11:06 PM

Re: Tired hedgie! Need bonding and play time tips!
My hedgehog is kinda the same way. She doesn't like exploring and prefers to sleep in my lap. I've learned to just let her do what she wants.There is only one kind of treat Hilde really likes, and that's mealworms. My new thing is to put them in a paper dixie cup and let her eat them straight out of the cup. She shoves her whole head in and then leaves it there, wearing it like a helmet. She seems to like that and even tries to walk around in my lap with it on. She usually doesn't get far before falling over.
That's playtime for us! She doesn't like toys and she doesn't like being anywhere but in my lap on on the couch (usually under the pillows). You may just have a snuggly hedgehog. I wouldn't try to get her to do anything she doesn't want to and just keep trying different treats and hopefully you'll find something she likes.

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