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SpikeMoose 12-31-2012 10:19 PM

Making Liners?
My baby Milton has been amazing. We have developed a routine of cleaning and bonding that seems to work really well for his (and my) sleep schedule. He mostly uses the litter box to poo but seems to pee right by his food and water, on the fleece. He also likes to drink with his feet IN the dish with him. He's a strange little dude :lol:

My question is this: has anyone made a small piece of fabric that keeps urine and water from seeping through to the liner? My thought is to make a bunch that I can switch out every day, and stick to spot cleaning and only changing the full liner every few days. I am thinking fleece with a waterproof something on the bottom. Has anyone seen this done? Does anyone make these? I am NOT sewing savvy, and after making some stuff before he came I realized it was better for both of us if I buy things for him - already made.

Moving his food and water into the litter would take up the whole thing and he seems to like having his bed next to food so he can run in and out.

If you don't feel like reading all that I don't blame you, sorry! Please enjoy a picture of sleepy Milton!


Avarris 12-31-2012 10:34 PM

Re: Making Liners?
First and Foremost, have I mentioned how absolutely adorable Milton is? If not, well I guess I just did. He looks so cuddly. I love the grump face when you first wake them up.. it's too much to get mad at! :lol:

As far as your liner question, my sewing skills are limited to what I can do by hand, and what I remember of doing a hem... so yeah, I abuse my friends with sewing machines ;) LOL. But maybe make a small square with some sort of batting in the middle and slip it where his favorite pee spot is.. make it like a wee pad and set that on top of the liner... I'm probably not explaining it well, or better yet, buy some pee pads and cut them into small squares for his favorite spot?

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