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Sylvester7812 04-10-2019 08:03 PM

So the AC in my house went out and we’re not getting it fixed until this weekend. These next few days are also gonna be in the 90s. I’m worried about Sylvester’s cage temp. It’s 81 right now in his cage and his heat set up is completely turned off. Are there any good ways to cool a cage? It should I just leave him be

Aj.t 04-10-2019 10:24 PM

Is there a small fan you can keep on in sylvester’s room? Something to keep the air moving is better than nothing at all! I would assume your house doesn’t get to the same temperature as the outside temp, so while it may be hotter than usual, if it’s a temporary thing it shouldn’t be of too much concern. Keep an eye though on his behavior. If he starts showing signs of lethargy and laying flat on his stomach, a way to cool his house will definitely be needed. A fan is an easy fix!

Yukidama's mama 04-11-2019 12:42 AM

I use ice packs (wrapped in a towel to catch the melting ice) on top of the cage each summer. This helps keep it cool for several hours. My boy used to even lay directly under the section where the ice pack was so must have liked it. You can also get cooling plates but I’ve never tried. You can place frozen bottles against the cage on the outside too. Just wrap anything as it will drip water and don’t place inside the cage.

For inside the cage you can use ceramic tiles or terracotta pots/plates etc. They can then choose to use these if they need to cool down in a safe way.

If he does get too hot and he splats, whatever you do, do not put him in cold water. I’ve heard people do this when they panic that the room got too hot and put their hedgie in a cool bath and then their hedgie went into shock and got severely sick. Cool down slowly and naturally, using a cool surface like an empty sink or bath and monitor closely. Make sure there’s plenty of fresh water always available so he stays hydrated.

With fans, you don’t want it blowing directly into the cage as it will cause a draft and he could get sick. Just use to circulate the room air. To test if there’s a draft blowing into the cage, you a tissue and see if it flaps about.

Mecki 04-11-2019 01:46 AM

I read that it also depends on where they are from (as in climate where breeder is) and what they are used to. A link on this forum said that a breeder stated 85-90 was a "reasonable top temperature." They are, after all, from a desert climate.

I know that our breeder (we live in hot climate) says it isn't unusual for her hedgehogs to be in around 82. But I imagine all of this is relative to the individual hedgehog. Change in behavior (splatting?) would be an indicator that he's getting too hot. If so, that's when to take steps, like tiles to help them out.

Sylvester7812 04-11-2019 06:31 AM

I’ll definitely try some of these! I have 2 fans on in my room (non pointing directly at him) as the whole house will be at least 83 during the day (and that’s was when it was only 85 outside, next 3 days are in the 90s) when I went to bed his cage was sitting around 83 but when I woke it it cooled to 78 which I’m much more comfortable with. As I’m leaving for school I put one of the fans adjacent to his cage so hopefully that will help a bit

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