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OzzieTheHedgie 01-27-2019 11:43 AM

Why is my hedgehog doing this?
I just got my first hedgehog for christmas as a present from my boyfriend, so i'm sill very new to hedgehog behavior.

A few weeks ago I had gotten on of those corner litter pans and put some litter in it, to try and have him use it i put old poo's in there.
He seemed to have used it once, but ever since then he just tips it over and moves it to the other side of the cage and doesn't use it at all.
BUT, ever since i got that litter pan he doesn't poo on his wheel anymore, he'll poo on the side of it, but not in the litter pan!
I'm not really sure what he's trying to do, has anyone had a similar experience?

He also pushes his wheel so that it's facing another way every single night, does he just like to rearrange his cage? i'm not sure if this is normal or not.

Any information would help! Thank you :)

OddDarkMatter91 01-27-2019 12:30 PM

Mine did the same thing when I first got him. He rearranged everything in his cage, his water dish, (spilling water everywhere) food dish (throwing all the food out) and his blanky, moving them all around the cage. I think it's... I don't know, a stress reliever thing? Or they try to get use to their new environment. My boy did that for about a week or two, then it slowly turned into him just tipping his food bowl over so that he doesn't have to get up to eat.

Long story short, I don't think its anything to worry about. Just keep putting everything back as it was, and he'll get use to his new home.

(I'm not an expert at all. I'm just speaking from experience with my boy.)

OzzieTheHedgie 01-27-2019 01:28 PM

That makes me feel so much better!

He also does the same thing with his food dish, he tips it over so he can go under his little hut and eat it, its pretty funny.

Maybe i'll try and put some other little toys in there for him to move around too and maybe that will help.

Thank you for the feedback.

OddDarkMatter91 01-27-2019 01:39 PM

Aww that's adorable, and no problem, I'm glad I could be of help. And the toy idea is awesome, be sure to tell me how it goes

Ria 01-27-2019 03:43 PM

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When settling in they do move things around haha. I found having the tray under the wheel is better Holly prefers it and wont move it like she was moving the corner litter tray (although she was moving it) it is a settlig thing though, as said always put it back so they get used to thats how it should be (things will still move around slightly especially toys)

Toys do help as they will push those around instead though you may find tipping the food wont stop.

I put Hollys food dish by the entrance of her hide, this stopped her tipping it over, to get it into her hide, she'll leave it just outside all night and pull it in the morning when she nibbles it a bit.

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