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I Love Hedgy 01-06-2019 11:38 AM

When to feed?
Hi. Just wondering if I should refilll my hedgehogs foodboul every time its empty? And the mealworms, should I give it to him two times a week?

EvaWalsh 01-06-2019 11:48 AM

I usually just feed my hedgie every night before I go to bed, I don't recommend just filling it up when its empty as hedgehogs sometimes just keep eating even if theyre not hungry which can lead to them being overweight. I feed my boy 2 tablespoons a night of 2 different cat foods. Usually he eats it all and I don't fill it up till the next night .

The mealworms twice a week is a good idea and is what I do with my boy but I also supplement it with fresh fruit and veg:)

nikki 01-06-2019 12:51 PM

Hedgehogs should be free fed at all times unless there is a health reason to limit their food intake. Add enough food so there is a little left the next day when you feed and replace every day with new food.

I Love Hedgy 01-06-2019 01:50 PM

Wait..... Wich one is it?

Ria 01-06-2019 02:17 PM

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Every night fill the bowl up with enough food for the night with enough that it last through to the next day (I fill it about just under half way which makes it last) and replace it daily- I empty the bowl when I clean her wheel and take her out for bonding and then re fill when I put her back (Unless I try to do play time which she doesnt really partake in)
As Niki said they should be free fed unless they have health reasons that mean otherwise

Some people do 5-10 mealworm once a week because they are so fatty, others do it over two days instead

I Love Hedgy 01-07-2019 03:27 AM

Ok. Thank so much!

Hedgiemom25 01-09-2019 08:29 AM

Everything i have read says NOT to free feed, as they will become obese and that 2-3 tablespoons of food is enough.

nikki 01-09-2019 01:28 PM

I have had over 30 hedgehogs during the time I was a breeder and rescuing and always free fed and only had one overweight hedgehog. It came to me as a rescue and was overweight when I got it due to being fed unhealthy food. I free fed it a good quality food and it lost weight.

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